Fundación Dasyc is a foundation for the development of social and cultural actions, a non-profit organisation that, among its institutional objectives, contemplates the development of social voluntary projects in order to prevent situations of risk and exclusion due to lack of educational and human resources due to loneliness, illness, etc.

The objectives of the Dasyc Foundation are the establishment, promotion and support of educational, training, cultural and welfare activities, support for development cooperation projects, actions and programmes and, in general, those that benefit human beings.

The Foundation's focus is on the promotion of social voluntary work and on the implementation of social action projects for children, young people, the elderly and women in order to prevent social exclusion. It carries out development cooperation projects to improve the conditions of the most disadvantaged people, involves citizens and institutions in projects and initiatives of social and cultural promotion and seeks the involvement and collaboration of public and private institutions to obtain the human, financial and material resources required for the feasibility of all projects.

Of unquestionable priority is the position of women in development processes, with regard to their education and professional training.

As part of its action plan, Fundación Dasyc has implemented the "Juega con nosotros" (Play with us) project, with the contribution of Reale Foundation.

Name of the project: Juega con nosotros (Play with us
Name of the proposing entity: Fundación Dasyc
Area of intervention: Inclusion & Social Development