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The mutualistic spirit, which has been guiding Reale Group's way of doing business for 190 years, has led to embarking on a path aimed at structuring the Group's sustainability strategy and community engagement activities in a more systematic manner.

The analysis of stakeholder expectations and of the social needs of the areas in which the Group operates has highlighted the need to adopt a tool dedicated to the management of territorial development activities and able to schedule and plan targeted interventions in favour of the communities in question.

Reale Group has therefore established a Group corporate foundation, Reale Foundation, based on the experience of the Spanish colleagues who already in 1998 established Fundación Reale.

Reale Foundation works through an Operational Committee and a Patrons Committee consisting of representatives of Group Companies (Società Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, Italiana Assicurazioni, Banca Reale, Blue Assistance, Reale Immobili, Reale Seguros Generales e Reale Vida), who have the role of proposing and validating programmes and projects, respectively. There is also an Arbitration Committee, whose role is to ensure alignment of the activities of Reale Foundation with the ethical principles and sustainability objectives that guide the Reale Group.

Every year, Reale Foundation receives donations to support community initiatives. In particular, the Foundation has identified three priority areas of urgent social need on which to take concrete action in the countries in which it operates, in order to produce added value in alignment with the mutual spirit and assets of the Reale Group.

Reale Foundation intervenes as a priority in support of initiatives in Italy, SpainChile and Greece in support of the communities in which the Reale Group is present and operates. The resources allocated are intended for the following main areas of intervention:

  • Health & Welfare Area: chronic disease prevention
  • Social Area: inclusion and socio-economic development of young people
  • Environment & Sustainable Communities Area: resilience of communities to natural disasters. This area of intervention also includes support for development projects and artistic and cultural development of the territory, which has always been of primary interest to the Reale Group, and for initiatives that promote sustainable mobility.

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