Foundation Objectives

Contribute to achievement of the SDGs

Through the Foundation, Reale Group wants to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the 2030 Agenda and signed by the 193 UN member countries at the end of 2015, responding to the call to the private sector for its implementation to create the conditions for sustainable, inclusive and lasting economic growth.

Reale Foundation objectives for the Health & Welfare Area

Within the scope of its expertise, the Reale Foundation aims to provide its contribution in an area of growing social need, acting in line with the values and experience of Reale Group.

For these reasons, the Foundation supports initiatives in Italy, Spain, Chile and Greece to combat the onset of chronic diseases by encouraging prevention activities. To this end, the Reale Foundation, also through innovative and technological tools, supports as a priority initiatives that reduce the risk factors associated with the spread of frequent chronic diseases such as cardio-vascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and tumours.

Reale Foundation objectives for the Social Area

Reale Foundation promotes the inclusion and socio-economic development of young people in Italy, Spain, Chile and Greece through two main levers - supporting initiatives aimed at promoting financial inclusion and promoting the employability of disadvantaged or disabled young people as identified by Regulation (EU ) No. 651/2014.

Reale Foundation objectives for the Environment & Sustainable Communities Area

Reale Foundation supports initiatives to increase the capability of communities to cope with natural disasters in Italy, Spain, Chile and Greece. In particular, Reale Foundation supports initiatives that provide support in an emergency and especially during the post-emergency phase for the populations concerned in the medium and long term and include activities of a structural nature to promote community resilience.

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