Aldeas Infantiles SOS (Children’s Villages) helps children and young people in need, works to strengthen vulnerable families so that they can take care of their children in an appropriate manner, protects children who have been deprived of parental care and attention, provides a family environment in which they can grow up feeling protected, loved and respected and accompanies young people in their process of maturing and becoming independent.

Reale Foundation has a collaboration agreement with the Aldeas Infantiles SOS organisation, whose objective is not only to promote the development of children and young people at risk of exclusion and to encourage their inclusion in society, but also to maintain the Aldea Infantil de Granada (Children’s Village in Granada) and support youth programmes. Moreover, Reale Foundation is engaged in promoting prevention programs that support families, children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

Currently, in Spain, thousands of children live without their parents taking care of them and this is only part of the hundreds of millions of orphans in the world.

Reale Foundation believes in the importance of games, of studying in childhood and adolescence, and for this reason the "Uaau Room" was created in the framework of the Mucho mejor (Much Better) project.

Thanks to the collaboration of Reale Foundation with Aldeas Infantiles SOS, this project, launched in the Children’s Village in Granada, contributes to the wellbeing and protection of children and young people, and of the more than 12 families that it houses.

The programme includes the support of this educational community in which children play and establish relationships that foster their development, sharing values such as closeness, security and experience, to actively participate in society. The goal is for both children and young people to feel at ease with the society of which they are present and future.

Children are the most fragile and the most affected party in situations of poverty and social inequality. All children have the right to participate in all decisions that affect their lives and therefore protecting childhood and adolescence is essential. The principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child must be put in place and safeguarded by society. The end of poverty, education, equality and the reduction of inequality among young people are part of the primary objectives of Reale Foundation.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS has launched the Plataforma Empresarial Aldeas Infantiles SOS, to which Reale Foundation contributes, working so that everyone can become self-sufficient and well-integrated into society with the same opportunities and the same rights and duties as the rest of the population.

Name of the project: Aldeas Infantiles SOS
Name of the proposing entity: Aldeas Infantiles SOS
Area of intervention Inclusion & Social Development