Casa Caridad (Charity House) was founded to respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged, and is a social centre for homeless people suffering from chronic illness or some kind of disability.

It is a social assistance project, in Spain, which helps in recovering the state of health of the most vulnerable and convalescents, and which has always provided help and shelter to the needy, every day, distributing more than 45 million food rations and accommodating hundreds of thousands of homeless people in its dormitories.

Currently, in the province of Valencia, it comprises four canteens, three shelters for the homeless, families and convalescents, four nurseries, day centres, hygiene and health laboratories, leisure activities, as well as programmes for finding accommodation and employment.

The contribution of Reale Foundation will be used to finance the daily maintenance of the centre and therefore help these people on a daily basis.

Name of the project: Casa Caridad
Name of the proposing entity: Casa Caridad
Area of intervention: Inclusion & Social Development