In this respect, the services offered are the following:

  • ONE MEAL A DAY: a meal is served in the dining room every day, thereby trying to serve as many people as possible. We understand that this is not the solution to a situation marked by unemployment or social exclusion, but it is instead a means to offer support and follow-up on the families that we can actually reach out to.
  • SOCIAL ATTENTION: each person receives an personalised assessment, diagnosis and intervention plan. The main focus is centred on the search for resources and employment.
  • SOCIO-OCCUPATIONAL ORIENTATION: we help promote personal and economic independence through interviews, seminars and workshops. In order to do this, we hold workshops on employment search, socio-personal skills, etc.

The figures achieved in 2018: 274 recipients of the food service, with 15,005 kg of food distributed; 13,200 kg delivered to the Venezuelan population.

The association has been declared as a public interest entity with a recognition of the work done helping those who are most in need.

Project sponsored by the Reale Foundation

The Reale Foundation finances the social project by paying the salary of the cook, a key employee needed to perform one of the main activities of the canteen.

Name of the project: El hambre ataca a cualquier familia (Hunger can strike any family)
Name of the proposing entity: Manos de Ayuda en Acción 
Area of intervention: Environment & Sustainable Communities