The Lavoratorium project was created in Turin, within the walls of the Collegio Artigianelli, to fulfil a thought aimed at redefining the concept of the parish recreation centre as a space in which young people are educated through work.

Lavoratorium accompanies young people in this "transitory" phase, hosting them in an environment with transparent rules, supporting them in facing challenges similar to those they might encounter in a work environment.

Guiding them are industry professionals who share time, places, skills, passions, tools, relationships and values. From knowing how to do to knowing how to be: LavOratorium is an opportunity to find a way to fulfil oneself.

The area of reference is that of the cities of Turin, Treviso and Trento where there are already several activities aimed at supporting adolescents and young people in their places of aggregation.

The aim of the project is to create a physical and virtual space in which young people can discover and develop their talents, as well as approach the world of work through a methodology that starts from concrete experiences.

Lavoratorium is a promoter of youth protagonism as a receptacle for new ideas and opportunities. There is a continuous exchange between the inside and the outside world. A vital exchange that becomes the supporting force of the project in a process of continuous innovation and transformation.

Name of the project: LavOratorium
Name of the proposing entity: MurialdoFor Non-Profit Association
Area of intervention: Inclusion & Social Development
Starting date: 07/01/2018
End date: 31/12/2018