The reconstruction of damaged forests, especially in the current historical context, is essential for the ecological sustainability of the environment, but also for the survival of mountain populations, who derive almost their entire livelihood from the forest.

Since 2019, following the Vaia storm that caused more than 10 million cubic metres of trees to fall, Giant Trees Foundation has inaugurated the Forest Summer School, with the aim of restoring the alpine ecosystem while protecting the communities living in it.

The 2023 edition of the Giant Trees Foundation Forest Summer School

Since storm Vaia, it is currently estimated that only two thirds of the fallen wood has been reused, while the trees left on the ground have caused the proliferation of a beetle that attacks the still living flora, making it sick.

With the 2023 edition of the Forest Summer School - which will take place from 31 July to 5 August -, Giant Trees Foundation wants to restore the devastated areas in terms of both roads and nature, reusing the fallen wood on site and replanting new trees, with a special focus on the restoration of a path leading to a beautiful waterfall at the Vinadia community in Carnia, near Tolmezzo.

The community of Vinadia had already invited Giant Trees to work on their territory, but due to logistical problems it was not possible to intervene until now. Helping the population of this small Carnic village, actively contributing to the recovery of an important and characteristic part of their territory, therefore becomes essential.

The beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of Giant Trees Foundation's intervention are essentially the local populations and the forest territories of the 6 municipalities involved.

Also benefiting from the Forest Summer School project are the students of the schools and universities involved, as well as the volunteers (around 60) and teachers (10) who are involved in the restoration activities, as well as in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance required by the situation.

The educational and dissemination activities of the Forest Summer School will reach about 10,000 people directly, with a multiplier effect thanks to the web and the media: in fact, the involvement of over 100,000 users is estimated.


Project's name: Forest Summer School 2023
Proposing organization: Giant Trees Foundation
Area of intervention: Environment & Sustainable Communities