The NGO operates along 3 lines of action:

  • Development: music helps grow as people and within a society. More than 300 children in Madrid and Zaragoza are encouraged to play the lead role in their own life project.
  • Coexistence: it builds a culture of peace and inclusion with the person´s best features. It promotes collective musical performance to favour accessibility and cultural participation by means of artistic creation.
  • Achievement: firm conviction that anyone can play, sing and dance.

It is committed to equal opportunities wherever there are situations of risk, exclusion and poverty.

The Reale Foundation finances the ‘Orquestas y Coros de Paz’ (Orchestras and Choirs of Peace) project. These are artistic structures open to everyone, without levels or barriers: when it comes to playing and singing together, each member has a unique place and plays an essential role. Playing and singing fosters their development in all ways: from the artistic point of view, they become good performers and connect to an approachable and inclusive cultural world; in addition, their personal growth is improved and they enrich the relations they establish with their peers and with their environment.

Name of the project: Pon tu nota en la partitura de la esperanza (Add your note to the score of hope)
Name of the proposing entity: Acción Social por la Musica
Area of intervention: Environment & Sustainable Communities