Published on 17 Jan 2020

The 2020 edition of the Contest Our People4People aimed at employees of the Reale Group Italia companies which will be able to report the non-profit organizations and give them the opportunity to participate with a project, started on 17 January.

The "Our People4People 2020" contest for employees of the Reale Group Italia companies aims to finance the 4 projects that will receive the highest number of votes from the web community, with a total amount of € 40,000.00.

Non Profit Organizations can present their project starting from Friday 17/01/2020 and no later than Friday 07/02/2020 from this link click here.
The projects selected by the Reale Foundation will be published on the home page of the site starting from Monday 10/02/2020 and will be eligible until Friday 28/02/2020.